​​                by artist Jupi T. Das

The art of papercutting


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The art of paper cutting is a process of hand cutting a single piece of paper and turning them into a beautiful design is the soul of my work.

Along with the nature, different themes from different cultures, their elements and people, influence the theme of my work. It inspires the gentle curves, smooth transitions and defined lined found in my work. All the designs in my work are my original creation.

Using very simple tools, such as knives and scissors, each piece is created very tastefully, ensuring the highest quality and excellence of design. No commercial reproduction technique is used in my work. Each piece is 100% hand cut, so it’s unique and one of a kind. I use archival materials from start to finish. Hand painted accents, makes my work even more interesting. I mount my work three dimensionally.

It is my hope that others will see the influence of different cultural elements in my artwork and realize the connection between a dying art and my creativity and enjoying it visually. I create, so that the energy and the enthusiasm that I put into each piece will bring as much joy to people as the process of creating them brings joy to my life.

As a full time artist my goal is to breathe life into this dying art and inspire others to create. Life is too short; my dream would be to continue to create artwork for this world to enjoy now and in the future.